Do you provide landlines with your service?

Do you provide landlines with your service?

We do offer a Landline Replacement service which uses VoIP and runs over the Fibre. 

It costs £10 to set up and £6 per month extra and comes with a bundle of 5000 Local and National minutes and 2000 mobile minutes (Big4 only) included every month (minutes do not roll over).

If you want to keep your existing number then there is an additional one off porting charge of £20 in addition to the setup.

Our service works with any standard analogue telephone and DECT wireless handsets.

Currently this is only available to order once your broadband order is accepted just contact our sales team at or on 01163 800290 and they will be happy to assist you. 

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      We don't currently offer any TV packages with our service, however, we are compatible with most streaming services including Freeview Player, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Stream.
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      Currently we provide a FRITZ!Box 5530 Fibre router for all of our GigaFast services. You can find out more about this product by clicking on the link.
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