What kind of speeds should I be expecting with your GigaFast service?

What kind of speeds should I be expecting with your GigaFast service?

If you are using a wired connection on a 1Gbps ethernet port plugged directly into the WiFi the maximum speed you will receive will be 900Mbps, however, as the Fibre is a shared access service and you will have multiple devices connected to the service it is highly unlikely that you will see this every time you do a speedtest.  Using a wired connection we would expect average speeds of around 600Mbps in normal circumstances and maybe less when there are a large number of devices in the household.

If you are consistently achieving speeds less than 50% of the headline rates, ie 160Mbps for Home Lite, 500 Mbps for Home 500 and 900Mbps for Home 900 then you should contact our support team at support@gigabitnetworks.co.uk and they will investigate the issue for you.

If you only have WiFi connected devices then it is highly unlikely that you will ever achieve near headline speeds.   The total WiFi bandwidth available on the FrtitzBox 5530 is 2.4Gbps on WiFi 6 and that is shared by all WiFi devices attached to the router and is aggregate of Download and Upload speeds.  Typically a WiFi 5 connected device with an excellent signal would achieve average speeds of around 300Mbps, if you are achieving less than that and you feel you have a good WiFi signal please download the Fritz WLAN App here to check your WiFi signal strength and what you could achieve.

If you are performing Speed Tests we only accept results from www.fast.comhttps://www.nperf.com/en/ or Gigabits Own speed test server http://speedtest.gigabitnetworks.co.uk performed on a gigabit capable wired connection.

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